jueves, 19 de agosto de 2004

Historical sidenotes (or: what was left on the cutting room floor).

Machiavelli's masterpiece was considered to be The Prince, but unbeknownst to many, a follow up work was made, entitled "The Politician formerly known as the Prince." It has been swept aside by history, the apathy of many towards it at the time of publication not at all helped by the weird symbol placed by Machiavelli on the front cover. Scientists from all fields at the time found no translation for the symbol (causing the symbol to be considered "unspeakable" in a non-horrific, albeit confusing, way) and blew it off as an act of insanity.

"War and Peace" did not always posses the powerful title it ended up with, and most early drafts of the book were less ambitious, carrying the title of "Skirmish and Ceasefire." Early drafts also weighed in at a meager 856 pages, small consolation to the class of 2005.

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