miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2004

Bowling observation:

Y'know when you get all but one pin knocked down on the first throw? A strike is now a spare? You know what I'm talking about. Y'see, it's like this: you're being flipped off. That's right. Flipped off. It's especially noticeable when that one pin is smack in the middle (I was flipped off in this manner tonight, more times than I care to mention). The pin is mocking you, taunting you. "You think you're so hot, what with your tricolored shoes, and your dense spherical object, sitting pretty in the palm of your macho self. Well you know wha' man? F--- YOU."

The spare becomes more triumphant, the enormous humiliation of missing that obscene pin, almost unbearable. Don't let some insignificant pin do this to you. Take the bastard down at 30mph. For dignity, for decency.

Just an observation...

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